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At Rowan Stoneworks we ensure that any restoration work will be carried out using original methods and as close to the original materials as possible.

Scalasaig Parish Church, Isle of Colonsay

The church is a Georgian B Listed Building and the belfry was in a bad state of repair needing urgent attention.  Following delays with the weather and limited ferries to the island we finally managed to get to the island in February to carefully dismantle the bell tower. The pieces of stone, the bell and the steel works have been taken to the mainland where the stone will be repaired and samples of the stone have been sent for analysis, which will enable us to match the stone and create a new ball finial and stone columns. New steel works  and a new oak hanger will be required to secure the bell.  The photographs show the weathering and severe damage caused to the stone.

Fountain Cairndow

This is a feature garden fountain which had several pieces of stone which required to be replaced due to severe weathering. The photographs show the dressing of the new pieces of stone then being built into place.

Pediment Window, Cairndow

Having fallen 30ft from the window seating, this pediment window had to be replicated from the remnants.



Fairy Bridge

Fairy Bridge at Fasnacloich, Appin, is a small quaint and unusual bridge which was restored sympathetically for the Forestry Commission. Over the years vegetation had encroached into the structure causing concern for its’ stability. The vegetation was carefully removed and rebuilt using natural hydraulic lime.